Who We Are

Helmer’s MWD uses the 1 7/8 wire-line retrievable, positive pulse MWD tools. These types of tools are widely used in most small and mid-sized MWD companies. This is mainly due to their flexibility and availability.

Helmer relies heavily on company-owned MWD systems to ensure that quality control is at its highest level. We inspect and repair our tools in-house, and we have partnered with our vendors to make proprietary modifications to tool components, resulting in improved performance and accuracy. Our MWD tools are easily assembled in the field, and we can configure our directional and gamma MWD tools to operate in a variety of downhole conditions.

Helmer chose to go with Tolteq as the manufacturer of the mud pulse tool since they have proven to be an extremely reliable manufacturer of MWD components. They are both innovative and rugged by design. The Tolteq tool provides a variety of information so drilling parameters can be changed to mitigate tool damage. Over the years, Tolteq has created a suite of MWD tools that are just what we want and need in order for our company to stand out in the industry.

We are continually seeking ways to make improvements on the standard Tolteq based tool design. Helmer has shown to be a leader in supplying our customers with a dependable and reliable MWD tool.

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