Personnel Experience

Renee Helmer​​, Vice President of Business Development

Renee Helmer has many years of experience in sales in the oilfield. After getting an education degree from the University of Southern Louisiana, Renee was a teacher for 6 years before moving to oilfield sales in 1997. She previously worked at Reamco selling downhole drilling tools but was eager to join the HDD sales team when the opportunity arose. Renee’s focus is in Midland / Odessa and Houston, and she has been a great addition​​ to our team.

Jimmy Andrade​​, Executive Sales and Coordinator – Midland

Jimmy Andrade

Kevin East​​​, Shop Manager​​​

Kevin East has been HDD’s Shop Manager for 10 years and has over 30 years of oilfield experience. He started with Teledon as a derrick barge rigger and worked his way up to a coordinator of platform installations. In 1998, Kevin became the directional tools manager at Pathfinder Energy Services and worked there for 10 years before landing at HDD. He knowledge and understanding of directional tools and motors and is a huge asset to our company.

Darren Reavis​​, Well Planner​​​

Darren Reavis has been our well planner for over 11 years. From 2012 to 2015, Darren worked as a directional driller. As a driller, he learned firsthand knowledge which allows him to better communicate with clients through the planning and drilling phases of each project.

Kenneth Derousselle​, ​Lead Motor Technician​​

Kenneth Derousselle has been with HDD for over 10 years and has over 40 years of experience with directional tools and motors. Kenneth started out as a truck driver at 16 years old​ but has been focusing on motors for the last 35 years. He has worked on all types of motors including Baker, Renegade, BICO, Tomahawk, and Prescott. His knowledge of motors has been crucial to HDD’s success in drilling all over the world.

Ryan Comeaux​, ​MWD Coordinator​​

Ryan Comeaux has over 15 years of oilfield experience to date. He started off working at Blackie’s Rental Tools while attending the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. After earning his engineering degree from ULL in 2004, Ryan worked as a MWD engineer until he and his brother Dustin started their own MWD company, Geo-Mag MWD, LLC. Ryan has been working as a coordinator and salesman since 2013.

Lillian Andre​​​, Secretary​​​

Lillian Andre has been HDD’s procurement department at our New Orleans office for more than 30 years. She handles everything from payroll to invoicing, and is one of the most dedicated employees at HDD.

Christina Dupuis​​, Secretary​​​

Christina Dupuis is the Office Manager for our Lafayette office. She has been with HDD since graduating from UL Lafayette in 2010​ and has proven to be a vital part of our team over the last 8 years.