It is our goal to preserve every employee’s health and well being while in the employment of this company and its customers. This can only be achieved by each employee committing himself/herself totally to Helmer Directional Drilling, Inc. Safety practices.

Helmer Directional Drilling, Inc. is committed to providing every employee with a safe work environment, knowledge and training in safe work habits and practices. By doing this we will protect our employees from personal injury, reduce the loss of property and protect the environment.

The success of Helmer Directional Drilling, Inc. depends not only on the service we perform and the products we produce for our customers, but also and just as importantly, the safe manner in which each job is performed. No job is so important or urgent that personnel, equipment, or public safety will be jeopardized for production. Full cooperation is anticipated from each and every employee to make the Safe Practice Program an effective one.

Helmer Directional Drilling, Inc. operations policy is “PRODUCTION WITH SAFETY” not “PRODUCTION AND SAFETY.”