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The Flex Drill downhole motor is a highly rugged and efficient positive displacement motor. The motor converts the drilling fluid’s hydraulic energy into mechanical energy in the form of torque and rotational speed. This conversion is accomplished through the use of a spiral rotor that fits into a stator of similar shape, to form a tight seal.
Flex Drill Motors have been the workhorse of the HDD fleet for over a decade and are available in configurations ranging from low-speed / high-torque models to our high-speed performance motors. Tool sizes range from 1-11/16” to 11-1/4” allowing HDD Flex Drill motors to be used for everything from coiled tubing to deepwater applications. All of these tools incorporate features that reduce maintenance costs, lower inventory requirements and ensure reliable performance.

Evenwall Technology Motor
Helmer's new Evenwall Technology Stator provides unparalleled strength as a result of our unique uniform rubber thickness. This revolutionary design doubles the power while virtually eliminating hysteresis.
Nortrak Stabilizer

Nortrak Stabilizers are a better designes stabilizer with less wall contact which enables better performance in an environment where sliding becomes difficult.
Roller Cone Hole Opener


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