About HDD
Proven Performance

The oilfield has changed dramatically over the years, but one thing remains the same, this is still a business of results! Helmer Directional Drilling's experience can help you achieve your drilling goals.

Our Performance is No Accident

Helmer has drilled over twenty six million feet, (about 5,000 miles) of directional hole. This gives us unparalleled knowledge of all types of drilling environments and the particular problems encountered with each of these environments. Each well is thoroughly researched and planned in a manner to optimize time and reduce operating expense. Our field and support personnel average 20+ years of experience.

Platform Experience

Over 50 platforms drilled, including one of the first dual rig platforms - Shell's 'Cognac' platform in the Mississippi Canyon area of the Gulf of Mexico. HDD supervised drilling on the original 70 wells, completing the project almost 300 days ahead of schedule!
Planning and drilling some of the first extended reach wells, with vertical sections reaching almost three miles.
Planning and Drilling deep directional wells in Mobile Bay, with depths surpassing 23,000 feet and temperatures near 400 F.
Horizontal Experience

200+ wells drilled in Utah, Texas, Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota, Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico, with vertical sections reaching 5000+ feet.



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